About us

Airsalm is the deceased repatriation organization with the largest network of funeral services in partnership in Europe. We collaborate periodically and constantly with the Consulates of various European countries whose citizens use our services, voluntary associations, churches and cults, private companies, local administrations and town halls, social services.

We are professionals in our work and we want to become leaders in the field of funeral assistance by making constant efforts, both human and financial. We are close to the families who face the problems of a death abroad and we always propose innovative solutions for funeral assistance in the case of international repatriation services.

We believe in the people and in our partners whom we work with and we always respect our commitments to the families who appeal and who need our support. We build relationships based on mutual trust, offering services based on quality and safety.
By calling us you can rely on a network of over 1000 funeral service companies in Europe. We take the risk, we offer advice and safety. We are responsible and honor the promises made to the family.
Through the logistics and organization we have, we can guarantee that any repatriation and service that has been entrusted to our organization by the family will end well.
The Airsalm service card guarantees a transparent and honest repatriation service to any family facing a death abroad. Airsalm is the only international repatriation company that makes available to the population the Airsalm Service Card which immediately covers the total costs in case of a death abroad.

Airsalm guarantees any service through clear contractual conditions both to the grieving family and to the companies that turn to us for accidents that happen to employees in different parts of the world.

With every gesture and word of thanks we receive, we always feel more authentic and true in the work we do every day.

With all the gratitude that comes from the families we have been within the most difficult moments of their lives, we at Airsalm feel more authentic and true in the work we do.