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Partnership with Airsalm

Airsalm is a deceased repatriation company with over 20 years of experience in this difficult sector of international funeral transportation. Together with our partners, we offer quality services to families facing a death abroad.
Our organization is based on a network of companies made up of funeral service companies organized in each country. Together with our partners, we guarantee fast, quality services, performed with professionalism and transparency.

Airsalm is always alert to the rapid changes that occur in this sector. Together with our partners we propose and develop a unique way of partnerships facilitating the collaboration between the funeral service companies that are part of our group.

We always try to anticipate the needs of our partners when they have to organize a repatriation service for a deceased person. We guarantee prompt and immediate answers to every request.

Being a constantly expanding company, we are constantly looking for collaboration with local funeral services companies to become reliable partners together. In this way, we will be able to guarantee quality services to families facing a death abroad.

The Benefits of Becoming an Airsalm Partner


We offer fast repatriation services for the deceased and funeral transport between the countries within the European Community.

We have only approved funeral transport machines.

We use both temperature-controlled vans and limousine models to organize the funeral ceremony.

We strive to establish long-term partnerships with funeral companies in any country, so that together we can organize and guarantee funeral services following the local customs of the area where the funeral ceremony is organized.

Flexible organization

By becoming an Airsalm partner, you become part of a network of funeral service companies organized in a capillary way in the European Community. It becomes very simple to manage both a funeral transport service and the funeral ceremony in the place of arrival at the destination.

Fast Services

Airsalm guarantees both the quick lifting of the coffin and its delivery within the time agreed with you.

If you want to join the AIRSALM Network, please visit our website and complete the form to Become our Partner.

Social responsability

Our contribution as a company dedicated with passion to family support services in case of death, is that we have chosen as partners the best funeral service companies in Europe. We started working together for a single goal.

The aim was to achieve and make available to families facing a death abroad a service with additional human value.
Professionalism, dignity and professional ethics.

All this has allowed us over the years to differentiate ourselves strategically from our competitors by consolidating a better reputation. We guarantee transparency in the quality of services and social responsibility towards others. Today, Airsalm offers together with its partners a concrete answer to everyone’s problems.

We started as a small company, today we are a network of companies around the world whose mission is to provide those who face such problems in the family a responsible, professional, and economically transparent service.

Thank you all,
Emil Bran

Airsalm Partner

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