International Funeral Transport

The funeral transport company Airsalm SRL has been operating for over 20 years in the deceased repatriation services and international funeral transport sector.

Our mission is to guarantee a safe, punctual, and transparent solution to companies, associations, and organizations that turn to us for the transport services of deceased persons between the countries that are part of the European Community. We also guarantee repatriation services for people who lose their lives on other continents and who have to go home to one of the countries that are part of the European Community.

Our services

  • Professional repatriation service of deceased persons for funeral transport between the countries that are part of the European Community.
  • Organizing the funeral ceremony on arrival in the destination country due to the capillarity of the companies that are part of our network of partnerships.
  • Services for the recovery of deceased persons from the place where the death occurred and its deposition at the nearest funeral home or forensic institute. This service is also guaranteed in collaboration with companies that are part of our network of partners.
  • Incineration and transport of the urn with ashes anywhere in Europe or around the world.
  • Any funeral service company that collaborates with us becomes part of an organization that provides customers with professionally organized funeral services, guaranteeing a fast, safe, and punctual service for any company that is part of our organization.

To become our partner and collaborate in the future you can enter our website where you can fill in the form “Become our partner“. Completing the form does not imply any obligation on your part. We will send commercial information to facilitate a future collaboration with your company. We are also at your disposal for any questions / useful commercial information regarding the transport and repatriation service of the deceased.

Thank you for giving us time to visit our website. We are at your disposal to answer any questions and commercial information regarding a future collaboration, so that, together with your company, we can guarantee our customers a quality service at a competitive price.

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