Repatriation of the deceased and international funeral transport

Repatriation of the deceased and funeral transport from Italy, Germany, Austria, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands to Romania.

Death is something that is part of our lives. Whether it suits us or not, sooner or later any person will go through this experience of losing a loved one. The wisest thing is to treat this subject with the necessary maturity.

You must know that to be able to make a repatriation from any country of the European Community in Romania, the company needs an authorization issued by the authorities from the country where the death took place.
Both I and my colleagues at the Airsalm repatriation company, we are professionals in the field of deceased repatriation funeral assistance and we constantly make constant efforts to find concrete solutions to any problem that may occur in such cases. Regardless of the country where the death took place, by calling one of our contact numbers we will advise you on what attitude you should adopt and on the steps you must follow in such a situation.

We will inform you about the details you need to know and which are necessary for the preparation of the deceased repatriation documents.

These documents are:

  • Transport authorization for repatriation
  • International death certificate
  • Certificate of embalming (not valid in all countries)
  • Mortuary passport
  • Apostille
  • Mortuary passport issued by the consulate (only for certain countries)

We will take all the necessary steps to obtain the mortuary passport and the international death certificate. We will inform you and explain absolutely everything you need to do on arrival in Romania to exchange it with the Romanian death certificate.

And last but not least, we will give you information about how you can get the funeral aid in the country where his death took place upon arrival in Romania.

Although the European legislation is clear regarding the deceased repatriation and transport authorizations, I still cannot include and explain here in a few lines all the necessary information for each case.

Although deaths and the issuance of transport permits seem the same, they still differ depending on the following:

  • The application of the legislation differs whether the country where the death took place is a member of the Berlin Convention or not.
  • For the issuance of the authorization by the mayor’s office in the area where the death took place, it may request documents in addition to other mayors, or may impose higher or lower fees
  • It differs if the death took place in the hospital or at home, if it happened due to natural causes, accidents, or other causes of death by violence.
  • If the death is due to violence or death in unclear conditions, the case will be taken over automatically by the prosecutor’s office in the area.

You don’t have to worry about how complicated the situation may seem. Airsalm provides free counseling for each case. Whatever question you have, you can be sure of an answer and an immediate solution to any problem.

Our advice is free and does not generate any obligation to us. After talking to us you can be sure that you will be able to make a wise decision.

By calling Airsalm we assure you that the problem you are facing at the moment has a solution and that everything will end well. You can rely on the professionalism, experience, and professional ethics that we have managed to accumulate over the years. We are professionals and we have experience in solving problems that sooner or later concern all of us.

The Airsalm team